We Are the 3rd Largest Gas Co-op Franchise in Alberta

Our drive, ambition, desire, and good old rural tenacity drive us to excel.

About Us

Our vision to help rural customers got started in 1973 because of the perseverance and dedication of the founding directors. Bringing natural gas to the rural population is our mission that we are proud of.

Buried Facilities

It is critical to always be aware of where buried facilities are underground! Not locating high pressure lines or junctions may result in serious injury or death. Don't take a chance and get familiar!

Customer Contract

Every service is subject to a customer contract, so get familiar with our standard demo version we have on hand so when it is time to sign up for service, you will know how to cross your t's and dot your i's.

Line Locates

You must place a locate request before doing any project which involves a ground disturbance. Three full working days’ notice is required for routine requests. Emergency locates can be done ASAP once received.

Meter Reads

For your convenience, please use our meter read submission form to submit your monthly meter read to our staff at TRL Gas Co-op Ltd. Submit your reads on time and expedite the process of accuracy!

Service Fees

Review our list of service fees and get familiar with the options we offer at TRL Gas Co-op Ltd. Plan ahead, budget, and get the services installed you need for your home or commercial operation.